Empowering individuals and families to personally make a difference in the fight against climate change.

Are you a homeowner that feels powerless in the fight against climate change?

Do you suffer from climate anxiety and feel overwhelmed about the state of our environment, wondering what more you can do personally to help in this global crisis?

Are you tired of reading another climate change article that leaves you with a sense of hopelessness and despair?

Are you fearful about leaving behind a world that is not able to support our future generations?


  • Becoming empowered to personally make a difference in the fight against climate change to support a sustainable future that aligns with your goals and core values.
  • Creating abundance and resiliency for you and your family while saving our environment through a process that provides inspiration and gives you the tools you need to make these dreams a reality.
  • Reducing your carbon and water footprints, improving your indoor air and water quality, and enhancing your health and wellbeing by implementing sustainability measures that create a nourishing and vibrant life for you and the planet.
  • Transforming your connection with the land and place where you live by deepening your relationship with nature and your community.
  • Feeling hopeful about our future by taking direct action.

The Three Pillars

Ecostead uses a powerful 3-pillar holistic system with a customizable approach.


Pillar I - Land

The land pillar focuses on the site, water, landscaping, and food production.


Pillar II - Home

The home pillar focuses on energy, water, materials, indoor air quality, and beauty & biophilia.

Picnic 2

Pillar III - Lifestyle

The lifestyle pillar focuses on waste, transportation, consumption, food, energy, water, and community activism.

Systematic change and individual action is needed in order to solve the climate crisis, and they are both interconnected. We work with people to empower them to do more personally and be a part of the systematic change.

Sandhya & Dylan Atkinson
Durango, Colorado

"Working with Emmy was AWESOME! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! We found the whole process of working with her and Ecostead to be super well organized, clear, effective, mindful, compassionate and empowering. Emmy lets the clients lead the way - creating custom plans based on each client's values and what's important to them. We're so excited to start actively decreasing our carbon footprint and living in greater alignment with Mother Earth, in a way that isn't led by fear or guilt, but instead by joy and passion!"

Ecostead Program Overview:

Our Approach



The first phase of our journey together involves pre-tasks that will be used to calculate your baseline water and energy footprint calculations.  This includes completing a questionnaire, sending utility bills, and filling out the footprint calculator spreadsheet. Baseline footprint calculations are used as a starting point and a tool for tracking your progress. 


Session #1

During our first session, we will complete a current state assessment, looking at the sustainability measures you already have implemented.  Next, the visioning phase is where any and all ideas come to the table – it is a fun and inspiring process! We’ll explore your vision and goals together, how achieving these will impact your life, what strengths you already have to make this dream a reality, and how this all relates to your core values.


Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan sets the framework for taking your vision and creating a tangible plan for implementation. It explores performance measures, the resources that are coming in and going out of your lives, and dives into the three pillars – home, land, and lifestyle – to look at the big picture of all the sustainability measures. Along with your customized strategic plan, you will also be receiving the Sustainability Measure Tracking Tool, which allows you to track and prioritize the measures you want to focus on, both short and long-term.


Session #2

At the beginning of our second session together we will be reviewing the Strategic Plan.  Following that, we will be creating your Implementation Plan together. This phase is where we narrow down the focus of the sustainability measures you want to prioritize for implementation. Tangible goals and a timeline are created for each item.


Implementation Plan

Prior to the third session, you will receive the finalized Implementation Plan and Resource 2-pagers for each sustainability measure. Resource 2-pagers include product and installer recommendations, financial incentives and additional information – everything you need for implementation.


Session #3

During our third session we will review the implementation plan and resource 2-pagers together. This is also an opportunity to ask additional questions, review goals, and ensure you have everything you need to put your plan into action and support you as you continue on your journey toward self-sufficiency and resiliency.


Ongoing Support

Optional ongoing support is available (included in Levels 2 and 3). Follow-up sessions support: Implementation (including bid reviews, contractor/installer interviews, product evaluations, and financial incentive support), Visioning and Planning (including updated water and carbon footprint calculations, Implementation Plan updates, and additional sustainability measure Resource 2-pagers), and Updated Carbon & Water Footprint Calculations to assist you in monitoring and evaluating your progress.


You'll walk away with:

  • CLARITY on your vision and goals for your sustainable life
  • CONFIDENCE in creating abundance and resiliency for you and your community 
  • GUIDANCE to make your sustainability dreams a reality
  • SUPPORT in improving the health and wellbeing for you and the planet
  • CONNECTION to community and your environment
  • INSPIRATION for a nourishing and vibrant life
  • HOPE for a beautiful future

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